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Brody Van has always been a co-creator of his reality. Growing up living in Saskatchewan on a family farm. He gained a strong work ethic and values. By the age of 10 he already realized his potential was greater than most. Often fixing computers and offering tech support for his neighbours. Dreaming about his real potential and where it could take him. During his free time, Brody taught himself how to use various design & development programs including photoshop, final cut and wordpress to name a few. These skills eventually led him to pursue his own business in digital media in 2016.

But even with the success of his business he still felt like he was not enough.

Brody had a boring desire to discover techniques to regain his potential and power. He traveled to the depths of his own darkness to find the tools he uses today. Witnessing firsthand the results that are possible, Brody now continues to practice and share his discoveries to help others overcome their personal challenges and gain a better quality of life.

Through breathwork and light therapy he will help you gain the wisdom of who you truly are in this lifetime of searching.

The transformational results for many show the individual their deepest rooted experiences, traumas and triggers blocking them from “Discovering Their REAL”

His life experiences, lessons and gifts gives others a common home to know they are safe to rediscover their power and potential within while providing the strength to continue their transformation for both their personal well being and brand.

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