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Real Routes is an alternative health and healing service that uses Transformational Breath and Sound to release the deepest tension, stress and trauma. Merge your spirit with your body and learn how to access limitless potential!
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Home of The 4 Directions of discovery


The East teachings are about new Beginnings. Learn the basics of breath and unlock new ways of becoming


The South teachings are about unleashing the warrior. For those that are willing, they will be rewarded with true realized potential


The West teachings are about trusting your direction. We face the elements we face the fears we reflect and recover.


The North is all about the harvest. Where potential and purpose become crystal clear. Providing you with the tools to continually grow, trust and love in this experience.

Hello all, Meet Brody VanGoodlife..

Brody is here to show the understanding on how to reintegrate cell harmonization for all walks of life beings. He has travelled the depths of his own darkness to find these tools he uses today to be apart of the unique source experience to make you believe in “something” again.

His nurturing lessons through his different experiences will help you gain the wisdom of who you truly are in this lifetime of searching.

The indescribable results for many show the individual what has been their ultimate triggers and hidden objects to being in a pure, calmed awareness of self from this point on.

His years of life experiences and gifts gives others a common home to know they are safe to continue their healing transformation in the now for good and never need to turn back.

Are you ready to journey along and Real Routes journey now?

We welcome you along brothers and sisters.

  • Overall Improvement after first session 85% 85%
  • Lasting Results in Daily Activity 99% 99%

Kind Words From Happy Adventurers

A couple of inspiring notes from clients that have had transformational experiences from our flow breath sessions and coaching.

I don’t know what else to say. This is something you haven’t seen before. Unique design, lightweight and outstanding support.
Ellen Petersen

Creative Director, Twitter

I don’t know what else to say. This is something you haven’t seen before. Unique design, lightweight and outstanding support.
John Doe

CEO, Google

I don’t know what else to say. This is something you haven’t seen before. Unique design, lightweight and outstanding support.
Stephanie Bailey

Lead Manager, Facebook

What is Flow Breath? 

Flow is a wave of conscious evolution that breaks limits, opens the mind and peaks human performance.

Each cycle of flow leaves one integrated to a whole new level of being.

At its essence flow is the wave of existence, meaning flow is happening within every part of every creation. We can either “go with it” or “resist it.” Either way, we don’t create flow; we awaken to it, we align to it and we learn to ride it with awareness.

When we resist flow, it repeatedly swamps us until its wave either lifts us up or takes us under. Flow is momentum and the catalyst of all transformation. Flow is the path of evolution. Flow is the undercurrent of life.

At this moment in human evolution we are collectively being bombarded with accelerating levels of sensory stimulus.

Our 24/7 world of light and sound is streaming information to us from everywhere imaginable. Screens of every shape and size deliver us TV, internet, text messages, emails, phone calls, social media and more.

EMF’s emitted from these networks and devices along with solar flares released from our sun further contribute compounding levels of subtle stimulus.

As our senses are stimulated, our nervous system reads the database of our memory, accessing files that relate to the current sensory experience. Our brain uses those memories to construct and make sense of reality.

When too many files are accessed at once, our internal desktop gets swamped with information and our processing capacity becomes overwhelmed.

We call this stress. Stress is now an everyday occurrence.

Stress is a natural part of flow and is intended as a catalyst to break beyond the boundaries of who we believe ourselves to be, what we believe we can do and what we think we know.

The best way to deal with stress is to lean into it!

This is both a simple answer and a complex one. Learning to lean into stress is the dance of polarity. Once understood and practiced it becomes fluid and enjoyable, even when difficult.

In our in person and online sessions we the four phases of flow.
Each phase is the catalyst for the next and together they create fluid momentum. In our sessions we guide you to peak flow states 
where we feel our best and perform our best. 

What are you waiting for! It’s time to release stress, tension and deep trauma together with BREATH. Welcome to FLOW BREATH!

Flow Breath Activations

Guided practices providing a reconnective, source delivered natural healing experience using patterns of open-mouth breathing, breath suspension, underwater meditation and focus to infuse the body with oxygen and prana.

Discover Your Real

Learn to harness and maintain your REAL aka (most authentic) potential and purpose today!

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